5 steps to prevent the spread of Ebola

October 11, 2014 10:13 pm

5 steps to prevent the spread of Ebola

The basic material is confirmed medicines, first aid kit, cash, cooking and camping gear, dehydrated food and water.

You must have a plan if you’re staying (at home) and if you plan to leave your home. Provisions for last (if you stay) and the basics to go. ”


Demand protective suit used against Ebola shot with the advance of the epidemic, while health centers and organizations use courses taught because it is an equipment which can only prevent infection if proper protocol is strictly followed.

The American manufacturer DuPont, whose protective suits used by organizations like Doctors Without Borders (MSF), has tripled its production with the outbreak of the disease in West Africa.

Kimberly-Clark, dedicated to the protection material, has also seen an uptick in sales, while Lakeland Industries has seen its shares on the stock market soared this week.

In several models of Amazon DuPont protective coveralls ranging from $ 10 to $ 200 (134-2000 700 pesos) depending on their level of protection, while MSF is becoming Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are available to complete an average of $ 52 (700 pesos).


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