Bobo Cat Really Loves Being Vacuumed

October 11, 2014 10:50 pm
Cat owners understand that every time you flip around the vacuum cleaner, the cats quite often run and hide, or hiss and growl on the rudely noisy sucking-machine. This open-minded cat, however, not simply welcomes the vacuum, he enjoys currently being groomed by it. Consider a search below.

Bobo the Cat has consistently loved the vacuum cleaner, in accordance to his owner.

“When he was a bit kitten (about 2-3 months outdated) he liked to play using the brush, his two brothers had been afraid and so they “disappeared” when I begun to utilize the vacuum cleaner,” wrote YouTube user Krzysztof Smejlis.

“When Bobo was greater, I tried to use exactly the same style of brush (like on this video) on his back. He was amazed and a very little scared, but following 2-3 “sessions” he started out to like remaining vacuumed. Now it is a ritual for him.”

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